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We Do Offer Stud Service

Moose will be Available for Stud Servicing.  We are located in the Washington State Area 

any in person service would have to be done near by our location.   For frozen specimen to be shipped to your location at this time you will need to handle all the arrangement to get it there and we will get the specimen frozen and shipped to your arrangements.  This will be the case until we find permanent suitable arrangements in our location.

Our Stud Moose is a Chocolate Seal mini Bulldog.  He has been health tested and cleared of any negative defects.   He has been color tested (although colors are not guaranteed).  This test revealed he is mostly likely to have a solid black or brown coat.   Likely to have little to no white markings beyond the face and chest area.  Can produce Blue and Lilac colors (more likely if bread with a female of those colors).  

Price for our Stud Service at this moment is $1500 (Subject to change), plus arrangement and collection costs.   Please call or email for more information


Chocolate "Moose"

Chocolate Seal Male, English Bulldog Mini

Our Newest Stud.  Chocolate Seal. 

 he is a Mini


He is AKC Register.  Health tested and Cleared of


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